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Premium coconut products, sourced directly from the Sri Lankan Coconut Triangle with value chain transparency.

Popular Products

Extra virgin coconut oil goodness

Coco House Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Glass Jar

Sri Lankan coconut triangle and follows a temperature controlled process below 60 Celsius centigrade i.e. the cold press process, to extract authentic extra virgin coconut oil.

Coco House Coconut Flour 500g Pet Jar

Coco House Coconut Flour is produced from fibre and protein-rich virgin oil cake. The oil cake is grinded and sieved into mesh size particles to produce coconut flour.

Coco House Coconut Cream 400ml Can

Coco House Coconut Cream is a dairy free and vegan cooking ingredient, used to enhance the flavour and thickness of meals and desserts. It has a fat content of 22%.

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