Why Coco House? Follow the 3 R’s that will change your life!

Let’s be Raw. 

When it comes to shopping, you, the consumers control the market. That is, every time you shop, each dollar you spend is like casting a ballot for the types of products you want available in your neighborhood store. Meaning, each purchase you make supports the specific products that you’re seeking out and the values that the companies of these products stand behind. So, in an over-saturated and wordy label market, how do you cast your vote and what companies do you decide to stand for and behind with each purchase you make?

Let’s be Real.

At Coco House, we know our customers value not only quality but ethically sourced products with none of those extra additives or overly wordy labels to distract you from casting the right vote every time you step up to the counter. You must be wondering, in an isle full of options, what makes our coconut products worth voting for and what are the health benefits that come from purchasing virgin coconut oil? Let us be your guide as you venture past the label and into the heart of a product proven worthy of your vote every time.

Coco House is the first, fully owned “tree to table” Sri-Lankan global coconut brand of its kind. Our coconut processing facility is located in the heart of Sri-Lanka’s coconut triangle and exports to over 20 countries annually, spanning all continents. Our products are exported both under private labels and our own “Coco House” brand label. At Coco House, we pride our business on transparency, fairness and quality. Our organic label certification is backed by our supply chain tracking and pesticide testing, ensuring our consumers all the health benefits that come from coconut consumption.

Let’s be Rebellious.

Get the basics enough to make the most healthy and ethical purchase at your local grocer but still curious and looking for an healthy choice? Well, Coco House Benelux is new on your block and here to inform you of all the benefits of coconut as you start your journey with us. We want to keep it real, raw and rebellious as we bring our coconut products from our farm to your table. Check back with us to learn more about the benefits of coconut, what you can do with our product and recipes to keep you coming back for more!


Published on: 04/19/22

Published by: cocoadmin