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Coco House Coconut Sugar is produced from fresh coconut flower sap. Our farmers collect the coconut flower sap, also known as meerah, daily, and then boil them to reduce moisture. The sap is further boiled and stirred at the factory premises until it turns into coconut sugar jaggery. The coconut sugar jaggery is crushed and sieved into fine size particles of coconut sugar.

Coco House Coconut Sugar has a low glycemic content, approximately half of regular cane sugar. The low glycemic content coupled with the high iron content of Coco House Coconut sugar translates to an excellent sweetening alternative for those with heart and high blood sugar related health conditions. For more benefits for our coconut sugar, please refer to the health benefits page.

Coco House Coconut Sugar has a shelf life of 12 months and should be stored in a dry environment away from moisture. Once opened, it must be sealed shut in an airtight container to prevent insect and moisture contamination.

Our Coco House Coconut sugar is processed in an FSSC22000 facility with Halal & Kosher certifications.

Coco House Coconut Sugar can be used for making tea/coffee, baking and other sweetening purposes. For more details on recipes you can make with our sugar, please refer to the recipes page.

Coco House Coconut Sugar is for coconut lovers around the world who value quality and authenticity. 1kg of 100% coconut sugar requires at least 9L of coconut flower sap to produce, and one tree is only able to offer 2L of coconut flower sap per day. This is why our farmers earn the majority of our selling price in terms of value.

Coco House Coconut Sugar 500g Pouch.

Organoplectic, Chemical, Physical, Heavy Metals & Microbiological parameters:

Parameter Result
Calories 389cal
Total Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Total Carbohydrate 97mg
Sugar 83g
Dietary Fiber 13mg
Protein 0.6g
Sodium 39mg
Iron 5.6mg
Potassium 105mg
Calcium 44mg


Organoplectic, Chemical, Physical, Heavy Metals & Microbiological parameters Result
Smell Characteristic with no off-odours
Taste Sweet caramel with no off-flavours
Appearance Light to medium golden brown
Consistency and Texture Crispy
Moisture % 1.7% – 2.1%
Peroxide Value <3
Saponification value 248-265
Aflatoxin G1, B1, G2 & B2, µg/kg None
Pesticides None
Arsenic (as As) None
Lead (as Pb) None
Cadmium (as Cd) None
Mercury (as Hg) None
Aerobic Plate Count (CFU/g) <100000
Yeast & Mould Count (CFU/g) <10000
Coliform <1000
E. coli Negative
Salmonella Negative/25g
Ingredients 100% coconut


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